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The PhD course in Information Technology applied to Surgical Sciences aims to provide graduates with a good command of tried and tested and most innovative diagnostic technologies and operational framework of general surgery, digestive system and vascular, cardiovascular, urinary and genital male and female diseases, and any other surgical science.

The course deals with aspects of research and use of advanced computer systems applied to surgery, new synthetic materials and artificial organs, means of hemostasis and synthesis.

Particular attention is paid to the basic technological research in the first year, and applied research to clinical practice in the next two years.

The lines of research within the PhD program will cover in a cross-sectoral integration of advanced technologies in general and specialized surgery, with particular regard to the following themes:

  • imaging systems, remote-controlled capsule
  • NOTES (Natural Orifices Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery)
  • systems for surgical dissection
  • synthesis systems surgical
  • robotic surgery
  • biomaterials
  • imaging systems and radiation therapy


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